New uses for old things: 1 – Rake

I thought I’d start a new series on “new uses for old things” since we have used so many old things in our house that double as decor and for practical uses as well. When you have a smaller house all spaces are important!

So, with that, we have ended up with a rake in our kitchen. Yes…a rusty old rake… in our kitchen.

I had seen a rake head used for other things in the past (to hold necklaces, craft supplies, etc.) so whenever I was at an antique market I kept my eye out for one thinking it might come in handy one day.  Actually, the day Matt and I got engaged is the day that I finally found this rake at an antique farm in Big Bear so it’s kinda special to us!

So when we began making our house a home, we noticed we have this space above our stove that needed something, but it had to be something that was practical, not just decorative.  And then we remembered the rake!  What a cool look it had sitting there above our stove… but what to fill it with??  Why – kitchen utensils of course.

We previously had all those lovely kitchen utensils stuffed in a drawer and not so easily accessible.  But it turns out – they all had holes in the top, in case you do want to hang them!  And since we have a ton of utensils and not a lot of drawers or counter space, we thought it was a perfect solution to hang some of them.  Check it out!

A great way to save space and add to the decor of your home.  I love how old antique things add so much character.

And here is a full shot of them hanging over the stove – exactly where you need the utensils anyway!  So easy to just grab one a stir a pot or flip a burger.

What old things have you used in new ways?  Stay tuned for more in the series of new uses for old things from this end of the screen!

9 thoughts on “New uses for old things: 1 – Rake

  1. I’m in your kitchen several times a week, right, and you know how much I love everything about you and all the beautiful touches you’ve added to the house. Those pictures above look like they came from a magazine! You continue to amaze me.

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